Adaptive AI for Smarter Customer Support

Transform your customer experience. Harness the power of AI automation and adaptive learning to save time and leave your customers with a lasting impression.

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Answer Questions In Seconds

Empower your customer service with an AI that communicates naturally and effectively. Funler handles up to 90% of customer queries, leaving your team to tackle the toughest challenges.

Effortless Task Management

When faced with complex inquiries, Funler seamlessly assigns tasks to human agents for personalized assistance, ensuring every customer receives the attention they deserve.

Adaptive AI Training

Our AI evolves with each interaction, offering smarter, personalized responses over time to support your growing business.

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Empower your customer support with AI.

1. Craft Your Profile

Create an account and provide your AI with information and relevant data, such as your website URL or key policies.

3. Create funnels

Design custom funnels by setting up conditions and prompts to guide AI responses.

4. Activate your AI

Enable the AI training process to begin learning and adapting based on the provided data and funnel setups.

5. Start Automating

In just 5 minutes, your first channel can automate messages, boosting efficiency and engagement.

2. Connect Channels

Connect various channels such as Messenger, Instagram, E-Mail,  Live Chat and more.

Co-Pilot & Auto-Pilot

Experience Funler's Smart Solutions

For each channel, you have the flexibility to choose between Co-Pilot and Auto-Pilot modes


The AI assists you by speeding up your responses, allowing you to maintain control and oversee each interaction. This is perfect for ensuring quality while getting used to the AI’s capabilities.


Let the AI takes full control of customer interactions. Once you’re confident in the AI's performance, this mode handles everything autonomously, ensuring efficient and seamless communication.


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